Global Game Jam 2019 🌍


Global Game Jam

I attended my first game jam, Global Game Jam 2019 in Edinburgh!:

The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development.

During Friday 25th – Sunday 27th January, I worked with an excellent team of designers, programmers and artists to create a game based on the theme “What home means to you” (or, simply, “home”).

We designed and developed The Longest Fetch, a game where a corgi dog gets lost and must find his way back home past wild dogs and other dangers.

The Longest Fetch
The Longest Fetch

I’m super proud that we had a working game by the end of the jam, albeit the game didn’t contain ALL of the content we’d hoped to include.

The event was a great opportunity to meet other game developers and folks who want to get into game development of all levels. I enjoyed the event and it’s something I would definitely do again.

Global Game Jam had this to say about this year’s event:

This year we had 47,000 jammers who made 9,000 games at 860 sites in 113 countries. Yet again we have broken all of last year’s records and become the biggest game jam ever.

If you have an interest in game development, I’d highly recommend attending the Global Game Jam (next on in January 2020) or any of the other many game jams throughout the year.

To learn more about The Longest Fetch game, click here:

To play The Longest Fetch on Windows or Mac, do the following:

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Jammer, Blooming Code

Making a Game in 10 Minutes!

Making a Game in 10 Minutes on YouTube

Hi folks! We took up the MAKING A GAME IN 10 MINUTES challenge and posted a video of it here:

Making a Game in 10 Minutes - Unity, C#, Inkscape
Making a Game in 10 Minutes – Unity, C#, Inkscape

Did we finish the game in time? Check it out and hit Like and Subscribe!

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Head of Video Production, Blooming Code