New Game in Development!

Here at the Blooming Code Ltd corporate international HQ in Scotland*, we’re overwhelmed by the hot and sunny weather!

That made us think: how can we keep cool this Summer?

Well, we’ve come up with a solution. We have some COOL news to WET your appetite. In fact, it’s quite a SPLASH (alright, alright, that’s enough of the water puns**).

Our next game will be…

Drench Warfare Logo

The ultimate water pistol fight game. More news to follow!

Kind Regards,

Game Developer / head tea-maker, Blooming Code

* This is our only location.
** No, it’s not. But that’s (H2)O-K…

Carrot Munch is out!

Hello, World! This is Blooming Code’s first blog post and we’re really excited to share it with you 😄

Carrot Munch is available for FREE on Google Play and the Apple App Store:

Carrot Munch

Carrot Munch on Google Play
Carrot Munch on Google Play
Carrot Munch on Apple App Store
Carrot Munch on Apple App Store

However, if you’ve been following (or even supporting) Blooming Code, you will likely know about this already! We just wanted to start our blog with this announcement because we’re really proud about releasing our first game 😊

Here is a bit about the “sales pitch” for the game but in a future post we’ll delve a bit deeper into why and how we made Carrot Munch…

Carrot Munch is an easy to play mobile game where you control a cute bunny rabbit and attempt to munch as many carrots as possible while avoiding weeds.

To move the rabbit, just swipe – it’s designed to be a game that anyone can play!

The game has the following modes:

  • NORMAL: The bunny moves 1 square to reach the carrot
  • DIFFICULT: The bunny moves 3 squares to reach the carrot
  • RANDOM: The bunny moves between 1 and 3 squares to reach the carrot
  • CARROTFEST!: For fun – you can’t lose! Just carrots, no nasty weeds

Each mode has a leaderboard where you can share your scores with friends and compete to see who can munch the most carrots!

Achievements can be gained when certain modes have been played, and when specific scores have been reached.

Can you become “Top Bun”, “Hop of the Class”, “Hungry Bunny”, or a “Clever Bunny”?

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