Drench Warfare – Selectable Characters Available

Selectable Characters

You asked for it*, we made it: The new TEST version of Drench Warfare has SELECTABLE CHARACTERS!

[*Actually, no one asked for it – we just decided to make it.]

Want to play as a fireman? You got it! Fancy playing as a cowgirl? We’ve got you covered! You get the picture…

This feature is available in 1 Player, 2 Player and Practice modes. We’re looking to create more characters in future!

The new version of the game (version 0.2.8-beta) is now available which should automatically update on your phone / tablet. If you haven’t yet installed Drench Warfare, click on the button below:

Drench Warfare on Google Play
Drench Warfare on Google Play


We recently received some fantastic feedback from PA regarding the graphics and the randomness of the 1 Player mode computer firing times. Thanks PA!

If you’re getting a round in, mine’s a pint of feedback 🍺

Kind Regards,

Chief Character Creator, Blooming Code