Drench Warfare – New TEST Version Available!

Drench Warfare

So, it’s been a while since the last Drench Warfare update… Which means we’ve got LOOOOOADS of new features in the latest TEST version!

  • 30 bosses to beat!
  • 80 different weapons to try out!
  • 15 different backgrounds to admire!
  • 30 playable characters to select from!
  • Fastest Draw leaderboard!
  • Google Play and App Store TEST versions!

With more bosses than a top-heavy corporation, more weapons than Rambo*, plenty of different backgrounds and the ability to change your player character, you can customise your experience more than before.

[* A reference that is simultaneously unconfirmed and dates me. Unkindly.]

The new version of the game (version 0.2.11-beta) is now available on Google Play and App Store for your mobile phone and / or tablet. If you haven’t yet installed Drench Warfare, click on the buttons below:

Drench Warfare on Google Play
Drench Warfare on Google Play
Drench Warfare on App Store
Drench Warfare on App Store


* * * WE LOVE FEEDBACK * * *

Great feedback from Andy recently regarding the graphics. Thanks Andy!

I recently heard a rumour that sending feedback increases the chances of nice weather in the area you live #justsaying… 🌞

Kind Regards,

Chief Water Pistol Gunsmith, Blooming Code