Drench Warfare – New TEST Version Available

Drench Warfare Fireman Shoot

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Drench Warfare so far! It’s super-useful in helping us decide what to add, change and remove from the game 😁

A new TEST version of the game (version 0.2.2-beta) is available which should automatically update on your phone / tablet. It contains the following changes:

  • Added device vibration when the loser falls on the floor.
  • Added Settings screen so Music, Sound Effects and Vibrate can be toggled on / off.
  • Camera zoom-in speed increased for dramatic effect (oooh!).

If you haven’t yet installed Drench Warfare, click on the button below to install it:

Drench Warfare on Google Play
Drench Warfare on Google Play

Keep the feedback coming!

Kind Regards,

Game Developer / Head Pixel Pusher, Blooming Code