Drench Warfare – Single Player TEST Version Available

Drench Warfare

We’ve been quiet recently* but we’ve been making good progress on Drench Warfare.

[*Holiday in Oslo, Norway: lovely place, lovely people – would recommend 👍]

Drench Warfare now has (drum roll, please…): SINGLE PLAYER MODE!

Please note that this test version allows you to play against the Cowgirl only, but future versions will introduce many more characters.

The new TEST version of the game (version 0.2.4-beta) is now available which should automatically update on your phone / tablet.

If you haven’t yet installed Drench Warfare, click on the button below:

Drench Warfare on Google Play
Drench Warfare on Google Play

Keep the feedback coming! We recently received some excellent feedback from JJO regarding problems when viewing on different devices – all valuable stuff we need to hear about (and fix) before we release Drench Warfare into the wild! 😊

Kind Regards,

Owner / Head of AI for Water Pistol-Wielding Robots, Blooming Code