Drench Warfare – Practice Mode Available

Crash Test Dummy

The new TEST version of Drench Warfare has PRACTICE MODE!

Practice mode is a chance to hone your quick draw skills with a crash test dummy (shown above) that – fairly or unfairly for the dummy* – cannot shoot back.

[*We all know the answer to that one…]

The new version of the game (version 0.2.7-beta) is now available which should automatically update on your phone / tablet. If you haven’t yet installed Drench Warfare, click on the button below:

Drench Warfare on Google Play
Drench Warfare on Google Play


Dino recently provided some great feedback regarding 1 Player mode not being completely clear which player you are playing as, i.e. the left or right player: this has now been improved. Thanks Dino!

Feedback like this is invaluable for us to ensure the game is as fun as possible. We’re hungry for feedback, so please dish up any feedback sandwiches if you have them. Serving suggestion: 🍞 F E E D B A C K 🍞

Kind Regards,

Director of Crash Test Dummy AI, Blooming Code