Developed by:
Blooming Code
Based in Scotland

Release dates:
2017, 2018

Apple iOS


FREE with £0.99 Premium option


Carrot Munch is an easy to play mobile game where you control a cute bunny rabbit and attempt to munch as many carrots as possible while avoiding weeds.

To move the rabbit, just swipe - it's designed to be a game that anyone can play!

The game has the following modes:

  • NORMAL: The bunny moves 1 square to reach the carrot
  • DIFFICULT: The bunny moves 3 squares to reach the carrot
  • RANDOM: The bunny moves between 1 and 3 squares to reach the carrot
  • CARROTFEST!: For fun - you can't lose! Just carrots, no nasty weeds

Each mode has a leaderboard where you can share your scores with friends and compete to see who can munch the most carrots!

Achievements can be gained when certain modes have been played, and when specific scores have been reached.

Can you become "Top Bun", "Hop of the Class", "Hungry Bunny", or a "Clever Bunny"?


After searching for a mobile game that is easy to learn and can be picked up and played within a few minutes, the idea for Carrot Munch was born.

Performing a basic one-finger swipe to move the main character was designed to make it easily playable for anyone.

Being a rabbit owner, the thought of a rabbit character that hopped on each move appealed and was an opportunity to create "Biscuit", a cute bunny rabbit with a twitchy nose and waggly ears!

To ensure the game was appealing and accessible to as many people as possible, cute colourful cartoon-style graphics were used.

To give the game an extra dimension, information on rabbits and rabbit care is displayed at the end of every play, for example:

  • A rabbit's tail is called a 'scut'
  • Rabbits jump when they get excited - it's called a 'binky'
  • Rabbits don't just eat carrots; they eat hay, grass and other vegetables too


  • Easy to play, just swipe!
  • Multiple modes for easy and challenging play
  • Cute, colourful graphics
  • Learn about rabbits
  • Compete with others on high score leaderboards
  • Complete achievements


Announcement Trailer (April 2017) YouTube


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About Blooming Code

Mobile and computer game development studio based in Scotland. Creating original and thought-provoking games.

Carrot Munch Credits

Keith Atherton
Owner, Blooming Code

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